I have started using TiddlyWiki as my knowledge management tool.

It is a wiki that is contained all within a single html file. It uses javascript to edit its own DOM to allow all of its functionality. It then uses ActiveX to allow save the file and to also save backup versions.

It is all based around little packets of information referred to as Tiddlers. These have a title, some text, and can have several tags. There is also a long list of special syntax for adding functionality and for formatting.

There seems to be many people using it for a variety of purposes. However, the information about TiddlyWiki and how to use it is pretty limited. I have perservered and now have it up and running very efficiently.

At some point, I will post my tips on using TiddlyWiki including the list of syntax I have discovered and some quick pointers on implementing themes and macros. I will also give you my guide for locking down TiddlyWiki so you can publish your wiki on the web in a tamper-proof state.

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  1. ocalTW Says:

    Hi. What about your tips on using TiddlyWiki?

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