Cowon D2

Two days ago, I bought a Cowon D2. It’s a PMP (Portable Media Player). I bought it online from MiniDisc Australia after deciding against the cheaper/riskier options (eBay, Amazon, etc).

It is basically an MP3 player. It is also very cool. It plays videos. It has a touch screen. It runs FlashLite 2.1 files.

The review over at Anything But iPod (excellent site name) first got me interested in the D2, and also the strong community at . I also found plenty of great hands on product reviews on YouTube.

I have now written a few Flash programs and I’m very impressed by what can be done. The touchscreen interface of the D2 allows for some very interesting applications.

Here is a rough version of touch screen whack-a-mole for you to enjoy. 40 seconds to squash as many smileys as you can. If you are too slow, they flip upside down and stay there. Countdown timer in the top left, score in the top right. My highscore is 72. Click the square in the bottom right to start/restart.

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”240″ width=”320″ /]

To download the file, right click this link and save the target.

Thanks to Kimili for his WordPress plugin for embedding flash without breaking Firefox.

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  1. ka05com Says:

    good fun! would be great if we can put our own icon faces or even sound effects in there and instructions on how to do it our selfs. I can make any format of audio file as i have been producing music for years for games companies i can make extremly small sized sounds, you could have a background picture of stars in space with the death star in the distance, then up pops Storm Troopers heads! defeat the darkside! ect.. lol cheers,

  2. Anonymous Says:

    still got the d2?

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