How’s that iPhone going?

A week or so on and I’m still playing with the thing.

First sad story - turns out that the SDK is only for people with Macs. So no thinkquick iPhone apps any time soon.

I am charging it a bit more often than once a day. I think maybe I use it too much. Mind you, I have not been playing audio or video.

I was wrong about the web browser. I am using it a lot. Mainly because of the excellent websites that have an iPhone specific version., Google Reader, etc. I still use an application rather that the browser if possible -Facebook, Google.

I have installed probably about 40 applications on my phone. Some I even paid for. A lot I deleted soon after. The vast majority are actually very nice. The free iPint application that mimics a glass of beer (the surface of the beer moves according to how you tilt the phone) is probably my favorite ‘watch this’ application.

I still think it’s too big. It would be great if the iPhone Nano rumours come true.

Ok, I’m off to see if I can buy a super cheap Mac..

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