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On Twitter and such

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Miley Cyrus has left Twitter.  Is it the beginning of the end?  I doubt it.  She’ll be back.

My account has gone 44 days with no tweet.  I often feel the need to reply to tweets that others have written, but sadly Twitter does not support this nicely.  If only it was FriendFeed that managed to grip the world as Twitter has done.

When the net was getting popular in the late nineties, things grew fairly slowly.  Just a few companies had added web addresses to some of their advertising.  Then a few more.  Then a rare web address appeared on a TV ad.  Commentators in the media would spell out web addresses h-t-t-p-colon-slash-slash-w-w-w-dot-, etc.  It was all very drawn out.

But Twitter has really burst onto the scene.  It is now basically standard for your contact details screen to specify your Twitter handle.  TV shows are advertising their own hash tags.  Top Twitter trends make the evening news.

And I think it’s great.  This up to the second communication stream is very interesting to browse and consume.  Practically everything you are interested in is now served up to you in nice little bites.

And it is only going to get bigger.  People seem driven to have massive follower lists and be the first and best source for news and gossip.  Great, I say.  All good for the consumer.

But enough about Twitter.

iPhones.  Clearly they are phones.  But, I wonder how often they are used for non-phone-stuff.  I’d be confident to predict it is for the greater majority of time.  So.. why should they be called *phones*?

The PDA market successfully branded themselves non-phones.  But many of them make phone calls.  But.. the term PDA isn’t very snazzy.

I wonder if we will get a new term for the mini-computer in our pocket.  The thing we use to view websites, watch movies, listen to music, take photos, run applications, play games, tweet, email, etc.  Oh, and make phone calls and SMS.  I wonder even if a non-phone iPhone is the way of the future, so long as it could connect to the internet from anywhere (an iPod cannot do that yet, of course).   And then, a Skype-like solution may be all that is needed.

The new term needs to be one of those cool words that is easy to grab and use, like Google.  It needs to fit into a quick sentence; “send that to my XYZ”; “I’ll look it up on the HIJK”; “my QRS is broken”; etc.  The word communicate could make part of it.  That would be cool in a Star Trek kind of way.  A lot of the good words have been taken, of course, and then have dodgey history.

Anyway, enough rambling.  More Twittering.   I’m off to register