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I am now a Mac user

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

I am typing this on my 1 hour old (refurbished) MacBook (October 08, 2.4GHz, aluminium). My one paragraph review follows.

It is small. Very nicely made. Wow it is small. The OS is nice. The screen is small, but adequate. The trackpad is cool. Two finger scrolling is awesome. The backlit keyboard looks fantastic. It is super quiet. The keyboard keys are very flat. The near edge of the laptop is sharp against my wrists. I don’t have an END key or a Backspace key. Not super keen on the multiple key workarounds on the Mac. Unsure why I need two command keys and two option keys. And in conclusion.. I’m really looking forward to using this as my primary computer.

Later on, I’ll be downloading the iPhone SDK. So many ideas, so little time.

I recently won a competition - the Internode Chumby competition for the highest rated widget. I won some credit from Internode, another Chumby, and a copy of Adobe Flash CS4 Professional.

I am planning on redoing my website again. Maybe drop the blog and move to a new format. I have not updated wordpress in a while which makes me think having a hosted blog is a better way of operating. Maybe I’ll set up a Joomla CMS. Or a wiki would be fun. Everything is becoming Tweets and Facebook Pages now. This whole ‘life streaming’ trend needs to change. Too much temporary data. Out.