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My iPhone 3G

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

I caved in. I now own an iPhone 3G (16 gig, white).

First impressions? Pretty cool/slick/sexy. Very smooth (literally). I think it will be quite easy to drop it. I really want to get a case of some kind for it (I’ve never had a need for a phone case/condom before). The $8 a month for insurance might actually be a good idea (I don’t have it).

I’m on the Optus $39 a month deal. 500 meg of data and a few phone calls thrown in. Plus $12 a month for 24 months to pay for the phone.

It sure it fun to play with. Push the button at the bottom, then slide your finger across the screen to unlock. Press the various buttons and watch things slide across, bounce out, and spin around. Sweet.

It isn’t a perfect phone. In fact, there are many many flaws/omissions. But I don’t want to go on about those things. Suffice to say that a top end Nokia or SE will certainly have more gadgets and options, but not come close to the package that is the iPhone. Horses for courses, blah blah blah.

What are the*wow* things that I like? The tilt sensor is really nice - for games and for rotating the screen. The touch and drag support in almost every screen is wonderful. The built in YouTube, Stocks, and Weather apps work straight out of the box - nice. And just the general ‘look’ of the screens with the great color, fonts, buttons, etc.

The email program is great. I have been reading my email on the iPhone even while sitting at the PC.

I doubt I will use the web browser much (it’s a bit too small, really). I will probably almost never use the iPod functionality (not my bag). And the less I have to use iTunes, the happier I will be.

So, in conclusion.. I could give it a score or list pros and cons. But instead… I’ll mention the top three things I wish were different.

  1. It’s size. I want it smaller. Thicker would be fine. Maybe it could fold out somehow. It’s just not really convenient to carry. (and it’s too slippery - for me).
  2. It’s camera. The quality looks fine. But I would like a flash. And an easier to use shutter button. Video would be a bonus. Slow motion video would be super.
  3. Support for other applications (other than iPhone applications). Flash apps. Java apps. Windows apps. Etc. This is unlikely to happen, of course, as it is in Apple’s interest to leave things as they currently are. This third wish is heavily influenced by my delusions as a programmer, of course.

So now I’m off to see what damage I can do with the iPhone SDK. Look for me in an AppStore near you.