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Cowon D2 Flash

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

I have written another little Flash app for my Cowon D2.

If you have a D2 (or a Clix - I’m guessing it will work), then here is my program.

The original problem was getting the D2 to save, which seems to be fixed now in this firmware version (I am using 3.54).

To save some data:
mydata=”Hello World!”;
fscommand2(”SetPersistentData”, “data=” + mydata);

Then to retrieve it:
fscommand2(”GetPersistentData”, “data”);

The larger bulk of the programming for this app was coding the text edit field and getting things like return, backspace, and the cursor keys to work.

If people find my app useful, then I might take the time to add multiple save files. Let me know!